For Safe & Friendly Injections

Biopreme Medical Technologies’ patented Effi-Q™device greatly reduces paediatric fear of needles, lowering the risk of needle-stick injuries, and stabilizes the injection process with a fixed-depth of penetration.

Our steadfast endeavour is to provide children access to our device from the outset of their earliest personal healthcare regimens with the very real possibility they may never have to experience the pain and fear of a traditional hypodermic needle - for the rest of their lives.

Over the last century subcutaneous injections have changed little. Caregivers still pinch skin up at the target site and jab a hypodermic needle into the patient’s skin.

Imagine a device that hides the pointed-tip and gently draws the child’s skin up to the micro-needle using a simple suction bulb?

With the needle-tip virtually concealed, Effi-Q’s gentle ‘suction-sensation’ draws the skin up to the micro-tip to create a unique distraction effect for the child. Although alternative safety devices may also hide the needle, children will still experience the dreaded ‘needle-jab’. And various needle-free jet injectors can still be painful producing side-effects of soreness and bruising – and the sound of the ballistic force generated can scare children - including many adults

*Effi-Q™ is an investigational device only and is not available for clinical use. Any claims herein are subject to clinical validation.

How It Works

Engineered by internationally-acclaimed leaders in medical device design and development, the Effi-Q™ technical proof-of-concept prototype continues receiving most favourable reports from clinicians, practitioners and parents. We have witnessed children personally engaging with our prototype out of curiosity and fun as they’ve experienced first-hand the suction sensation on their own arm.

The dreaded needle-jab will soon be replaced by the Effi-Q’s soft and friendly ‘poke’. In the words of Patch Adams, MD, ‘Now that the kids will stop screaming, what’s a clown to do? …..you’re putting me outta work!’

Simply place the cup on the child’s skin and depress the bulb, this gently draws the skin up to meet the micro-tip. Next, the syringe plunger is depressed to deliver the medication. A second squeeze of the bulb gently detaches the device from the skin for safe and easy disposal. By removing the visual cue of the needle and ‘the jab’ each and every time, our Effi-Q™ device consistently reduces the child’s fear of receiving an injection. Further, Effi-Q’s unique design provides caregivers with a built-in level of safety for protection against accidental needle-stick injury and potential blood-splatter.

The Effi-Q™ device limits the depth of penetration to just 3/32” (3mm) to avoid accidental intramuscular delivery. Effi-Q's gentle suction-effect provides enhanced stability for patients who experience manual dexterity or hand tremor challenges.

Unique Distraction Feature

Effi-Q’s gentle “suction-sensation” draws the skin up to the micro-tip to create a unique distraction effect for the patient.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

There is no visual cue of receiving a standard injection. The 3mm micro-tip is virtually concealed by the suction-cup & inner-skirt design features

Demand For Injectable Medication Is Rising

The Global Injectable Syringe Market is expected to reach US$15.6 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 8.4%.


Our unique design holds the promise of reducing children’s fear of subcutaneous injections, reducing their perception of pain from these injections, and thereby making it easier for patients and care-givers to administer live-saving medications.

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